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We Cure Most Chronic Pain Even After Years of Therapy and Failed Surgeries. Contact Us Here

You may email us directly at: or use the contact form. If for any reason you don’t hear back within 48 hours please email us directly as it is our intention to respond promptly.

Please include your full name, location, contact info and reason for interest in treatment.

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Location and Logistics

Our facility is located in the Catskill Mountains of New York just 2 hours west and a bit north of New York City.

Many patients and students fly in for treatment and/or training from around the country and various places around the world.

Newark, LaGuardia and JFK airports all service the region and our favorite of course is a small airport just one hour away named Stewart-Newburgh (SWF) which feels cozy like ones own living room if you can manage to easily fly in there.

Buses from NYC are available and leave you off just ten minutes from us. Private car service is also available. It’s usually nice to rent a car for ease and mobility.

Please note: that due to the large volume of requests and communication that we receive, our appts and correspondence, are done primarily by email.

This also helps us to more easily keep a record of information exchanged such as locations, diagnoses, conversations etc.

We do our best to accommodate as many patients as possible with appts and will try to find  times suited to your needs and schedule.

You may prefer to email us directly at

Your full name, location and contact info is required for our response. Thank you.

Dr. Tom Chi/The Pain Whisperer  63 Grey Road (UPS Only) P.O. Box 757 S. Fallsburg, N.Y. 12779 By Appt Only

Nearby Motel Accommodations, Airports, Restaurants: Please see the Logistics page.