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Tom Ambushed the Hospital and Cured Everybody in Sight! Plus Other Patient Results Videos

It’s not okay to treat patients for YEARS and not help them. They are not just profitable cattle.
Welcome to NY Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

Like other hospitals NYCPH relies on useless therapy and failed surgeries for “treating” pain.
For five hours we cured patients right outside their front door while doctors and nurses, paramedics, cops and bystanders watch.
The PR Dept is shocked and angry. The cops refuse to move us. We get the patients as they hobble out of their endless therapy sessions on canes and walkers.

FAST LASTING RESULTS in most cases. The end of chronic pain.

NY Columbia Presbyterian Hospital BUSTED!

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Patient Vids


Patient Vids

Patient Vids  

Patient Vids 

Patient Vids


Patient Vids

Patient Vids   


MD Cured of Severe Carpal Tunnel!

10 years pain gone  


She Loves Music and LOVES No More Pain!

20Yrs on a cane, Failed Fusion, 15yrs Morphine

I KILLED A MEDICAL DOCTOR! Oops.. I meant Cured!

SHE WALKED LIKE A PENGUIN & now looks like a RoadRunner!