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I just got back from NY seeing Tom Chi and WOW, I feel better than I have since I was 14. No joke. Amazing.
Paul Bourgeois

I’m the guy in the video and let me tell you that really works (We treated him outside NY Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital. Then he jogged upstairs to show everyone in the therapy department.)
Gary Lorino

This is the real deal! My mom and I feel great! We are so thankful for having the opportunity to experience Dr. Chi’s techniques!!
Cartrina Buckley

I am the MD from Omaha that Dr. Chi treated. In two extended treatments he relieved both my long stand chronic low back pain and bilateral knee pain do to severe OA. I am able to walk and climb stairs without a cane and have increased my activity on a daily basis. The career ending central vertigo is improving every day. What he does is medically sound and lasts. He is the real thing. His knowledge and techniques are nothing short of astounding.
Mike Frumkin

He has a gift from God! He has miracle hands. My husband and I were on the way out of his office and he offered one last acupuncture and in one minute – maybe two – he was able to turn his neck and have full mobility. He hasn’t been able to do that for years! He is amazing!
Candace L. Bennis

I suffered lower back pain for more than 10 years multiple x rays and MRIS doctors never found what was triggering the pain .
Every doctor visit only got prescribed muscles relaxers .
I got used to the idea of living with this pain. Until I met Tom Chi. Made the appointment and my pain was gone. Almost two years and if been pain free. Conventional medicine is a big business to make money not to cure people.
Massalsaquetu Dance Company

I love this video, its depiction of before and after treatments, by Dr.Chi, is not an overstatement, exaggeration or creative film trickery. It is my privilege to share my experience with those interested and/or “on the fence” with considering scheduling an appointment.
My right arthritic big toe, has been limited to approximately 30% of normal range of motion for almost 5 years. I have been advised by Ortho. Dr.s to undergo a surgical procedure to remove a wedge of bone out of the big knuckle to “create range of motion” as this issue is not reversible and if left untreated surgically, will only get worse. I am so glad I followed through with my appointment with Dr. Chi.
BUT, most importantly…… There is NO denying Dr. Chi’s technique is amazing and effective.
I am not only bending at the knuckle…curling my toes town, I am also able to bend my toe upward and have even placed my feet in my highest Jessica Simpson shoes!!!
“The skeptic” can only say…
“Unbelievable? Maybe…..
Maria Iacovino Jones

I still remember the day in the diner when you fixed me! The family says hi!
Daniel O'Donnell

Is this guy for real??
The Pain Whisperer
We’re not sure Sharon. I liken him to a magical unicorn with a velvety fur that sparkles in the sun… and yet cures pain with tremendous ease. Sounds both real and unreal.. 😉
Sharon Lombardo

There are just no words to explain to you all how I feel! I am pain free for the first time in years! I came home to San Francisco about 4:45 am this morning. I was not in pain! I could sit and not hurt what a great time I had at the airport! When I did come home the girls where so happy they could see I was not in pain! One more thing I slept on my stomach without pain in my back neck or hands falling numb!
Please give the doc my Love and give him a hug for me ok!
Sincerely Rodger!
(Rodger has 5 spinal cages, 2 rods, 10 bolts and was on morphine for 12 years. And.. he’s an amazing guy!)
Rodger Wayne Evans

Thanks Tom! Thank you so much! I am now off morphine! God Bless you Tom!
You saved my life! I have an appointment to see my Doctor! She is in Shock! She said how can you be pain free? Dr Chi YOU ROCK MAN!
Rodger Wayne Evans, Update

Thanks Tom! If you all have bad pain come and see Tom Chi! I am free from pain for the first time in 12 years! I was on morphine for 12 years. I was suffering Tom Chi was my last resort! There is no magic here, he knows how to work on the muscles to allow them to work like they should. Tom it is your fault I am free from pain! God Bless you! My Wife and daughter sends you their love! Thanks again!
Rodger Wayne Evans, Final Note From Rodger