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Most of our patients are from out of State as we treat those who’ve had endless therapy and failed surgeries.

Our breakthrough therapy results in freedom from difficult and chronic pain for most patients even after years of therapy and failed surgeries.

  • Patients arrive at the airport and check into their hotel the day before treatment. Most have multiple severe pain problems and our concentrated intensive treatment to cure these problems.

  • About 75% of patients have huge transformations in their pain on their first visit. We evaluate your chronic pain problems and prescribe a treatment regime that will allow us to properly address each issue. Most affected areas need two treatments each. Some patients return for tune-ups or to address additional issues. A very few have some conditions which don’t respond or partially respond though that is rare and quickly determined. Even then we are usually able to cure most of their pain just not all of it.

  • Please use the contact form and email any questions you may have as this is the most convenient way for us to communicate. Appointments are also made by email. We attempt to promptly reply to and accommodate as many patients as we can. We do have limited appointments available compared to the volume of those in need of help.

  • Tom effectively treats most arthritic conditions, fibromyalgia, back, neck, knee, carpal tunnel pain, etc. Most patients are able to cancel hip and knee replacement surgery and have no pain plus restored mobility after treatment.

  • If it can be done, Tom can do it.